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OWU Selected for Prestigious Annapolis Group Seminar

September 14, 2000

DELAWARE, OHIO -- Ohio Wesleyan is one of ten national liberal arts colleges selected to participate in a retreat sponsored by the Annapolis Group/Aspen Program on Education in Aspen, Colorado on Sept. 17-20.

The conference, titled "What's Quality Got to Do with It: Liberal Arts and Sciences Education in the 21st Century," will encourage participants -- leaders in business, the media, foundations, academe and the public sector -- to discuss the challenges facing liberal arts colleges as well as ways to better promote and build support for them. The question of how to provide quality education in an era of ever improving technologies, rising costs, competition for students, and increased access to educational opportunities will be central to conference discussion and debate.

"I expect this meeting to be both substantive and beneficial for those of us who care about the quality and future of liberal arts educational institutions," says OWU President Tom Courtice, who, along with OWU Trustee and 1976 alumnus Greg Moore, will represent Ohio Wesleyan at the retreat. Moore, managing editor of The Boston Globe, has sustained his interest in and support for the liberal arts throughout his professional career. "The conference will also be an opportunity for building bridges and better understanding of the importance and impact of higher education on the lives of our students."

The Annapolis Group to which Ohio Wesleyan belongs, is a confederation of national liberal arts college presidents who meet together to discuss the welfare and preservation of these colleges.