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Two Students Represent OWU at Civic Responsibility Conference

October 10, 2000

DELAWARE, OHIO -- Two Ohio Wesleyan students, sophomore Charles Brown and senior Nicole Kirkwood, will represent OWU at a Civic Responsibility Conference at Hampshire and Mt. Holyoke Colleges from Oct. 13-15.

The purpose of the conference is to focus on why participation in our political process and in civil society appears to be declining, and to provide college students a venue to discuss that commitment as it applies to them and to their peers.

The idea for this conference sprang from an earlier meeting at the Aspen Institute, hosted by the American Council on Education and Campus Compact. College academic leaders at that time, discussed the lagging participation in civic responsibilities among college students and agreed that student voices need to be heard on this issue. Those colleges that were represented at the Aspen conference were invited to nominate two students each for the meeting this month.

Highlights of the conference include several small group discussions during which students will talk about special unmet needs they have and the effect on civic responsibilities, and whether there is cause for concern about student participation levels with regard to U.S. political processes. The conference will culminate with group presentations for national education, journalism and political leaders.

"I am pleased that Chuck and Nicole will participate in this conference. It is most appropriate for students who study within the liberal arts environment to be engaged in larger issues involving civic responsibilities," says OWU President Thomas Courtice. "Given Ohio Wesleyan's stature in this arena, it is natural for us to be present at the conference, taking a leadership role."