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Alumna, Photographer Susan Paulsen Displays Work at OWU

October 23, 2000

DELAWARE, OHIO -- Susan Paulsen's photographs will be on display at the Lynn Mayhew Gallery through Nov. 10. She is a 1980 Ohio Wesleyan University graduate and is a Distinguished Alumni Exhibitor.

Paulsen's love of photography was sparked by her parents' old wedding photos and black and white family pictures. She began taking pictures in high school, even though she studied painting in college.

After college, Paulsen traveled out West, where she began to study photography. Eventually, she found herself working in galleries in New York.

Paulsen's work has been described as sentimental. She has always preferred to photograph subjects from her own life and family, and she tries to convey a certain emotion that comes from within.

In Paulsen's artist statement, she wrote, "More like my heart than my eyes, the camera has enabled me to express what I feel rather than what I see. Photography has helped me understand my most intense feelings and compelling instincts. At the center of my vision are several guiding issues: an overidealized sense of family, my experience of being a wife and mother, and the desire to capture on film the simple things and events which shape our lives."

Justin Kronewetter, fine arts professor at OWU, said, "This is an honor that you don't bestow without serious thought and concern for the way in which the artist will serve as a role model for young people in our program today."

Paulsen has also exhibited at the Candace Perich Gallery in Katonah, NY, where she currently resides.