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Dr. Jarvis and Madge Stewart Scholarships Established

September 28, 2000

DELAWARE, OHIO -- While OWU fine arts professor Jarvis Stewart and his wife Madge are no longer living, their legacy remains in the form of the recently established Dr. Jarvis and Madge Stewart Scholarships.

Anyone who knew the Stewarts would agree that their love of art was matched only by their love of people -- especially OWU students. They worked as a team, Jarvis, who was a member of the Department of Fine Arts from 1943-1980, and Chairman for 20 years, and Madge, who was a teacher in the Delaware City School system for many years.

Created through their bequest and with the shepherding of Marty Kalb, OWU fine arts professor, and Ebb Haycock, OWU fine arts professor emeritus, the scholarship amount totals more than $450,000, and will help students who are pursuing the study of fine arts at Ohio Wesleyan. At the discretion of the Department of Fine Arts, income from this fund will be used for three areas of scholarship need: merit-based scholarships; need-based scholarships; and need- or merit-based scholarships for transfer students.

"This award allows us to respond to students who have both financial need and demonstrated artistic potential," says Kalb. "We also can respond to students who decide to major in fine arts after they are at OWU and find they need additional financial assistance."

Scholarship recipients for both the merit- and need-based awards must be currently enrolled fine arts majors and in their sophomore, junior or senior years. Merit awards are for one year, are determined through an open competition and are based on demonstrated creative and/or scholarly achievement and potential. Need- based awards also are for one year, are granted to assist students whose creative and/or scholarly talent exceeded indices used when their eligibility for financial aid from OWU was first determined. This award also is granted through an open competition for eligible students and based on work quality and demonstrated creative and/or scholarly achievement and potential. Both awards are renewable at the discretion of the Department of Fine Arts.

The third area of scholarship need involves need or merit based scholarships for transfer students, and are awarded after they are admitted to OWU, following a departmental review of their work.

Yet another facet of the Stewarts' bequest is The Stewart Special Needs Fund for Department of Fine Arts Majors. This fund is created for art majors needing short-term financial assistance for unusual expenses related to art materials, research travel and family or personal emergencies.

"The Stewarts were always involved with people instead of things," remembers Haycock. "They were devoted to helping students develop their finest capabilities." As many observed, the Stewarts helped students to see that knowing about art is a means to knowing about the wonder and richness of life.

The scholarships will be awarded by the Chair of the Department of Fine Arts in conjunction with the Director of Financial Aid.

"These scholarships will both perpetuate the Stewarts' love of art and affect the lives of students forever," says Kalb.