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Annual Graduating Class Trustee Election Arrives at OWU

February 15, 2000

DELAWARE, OHIO -- The annual Graduating Class Trustee election, jointly coordinated by the Alumni Relations Office and the Senior Class Election Committee, is slated for Feb. 16-17. An OWU tradition, the Graduating Class Trustee is elected by eligible members of the senior class in a two-day ballotting process.

The Graduating Class Trustee is elected by their eligible peers to serve a three-year term on the Ohio Wesleyan University Board of Trustees. The full Board of Trustees meet three times a year, on campus, to discuss and determine university business. The duly elected Graduating Class Trustee is a full member of the Board and serves actively on two committees within the Board structure. This Trustee has full voting rights on the Board and consequently, plays a significant and key role in shaping the future of Ohio Wesleyan University.

Scheduled for Feb. 16-17, the Graduating Class Trustee election utilizes an anonymous ballotting procedure and is governed by the Senior Class Election Committee. Eligible seniors may vote for one candidate during the two-day process. One candidate must receive a minimum of 51 percent of the voting pool to be declared the winner. Should no candidate receive 51 percent of the votes cast, a run-off election will be held the following week, Feb. 23-24, between the two candidates receiving the most votes.

The Graduating Class Trustee will assume their position within the full Board of Trustees at the Fall 2000 meeting.

Questions regarding the Graduating Class Trustee election should be directed to Kathleen Dolan in the Alumni Relations Office at 740-368-3330 or by e-mail to kmdolan@owu.edu.