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OWU Named Ohio Academy of Science Patron for SSD Work

May 2, 2001

DELAWARE, OHIO -- Ohio Wesleyan University has been named a Patron of The Ohio Academy of Science for the University's leadership and sustained support of State Science Day from 1978-2001. During the Academy's 110-year history, only two other institutions have been honored as Patrons: The Charles F. Kettering Foundation and Battelle Memorial Institute.

Founded in 1949, State Science Day is the pinnacle of student-originated, inquiry-based science education for Ohio students. This year, more than 850 students in grades 7-12 attended the event at Ohio Wesleyan.

"The first step on the ladder to success is always the closest to the ground," says Lynn Elfner, CEO of The Ohio Academy of Science. "Ohio Wesleyan has steadied the ladder for more than a generation of young professionals who now owe their achievements in part to the support Ohio Wesleyan has provided for State Science Day since 1978," he says.

The event has grown and evolved significantly due to the leadership of Professor James Freed and Professor Michael Grote, OWU faculty members who have directed the event for the Academy. Since 1978, about 15,000 students have attended State Science Day at Ohio Wesleyan.

The Ohio State University will host State Science Day for the next five years.

"We leave OWU knowing that the next stage of development for State Science Day could not have happened without the vision and commitment of Ohio Wesleyan during the past two decades," says Elfner.