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Spring Break Mission Week Auction Touts Impressive Items – Auction List

February 26, 2002

The following is an inventory of donated items to be auctioned at the Ohio Wesleyan Spring Break Mission Week Auction on Wednesday, Feb. 27, in the Hamilton-Williams Campus Center Atrium. Registration is at 3 p.m. The Auction begins at 4 p.m. In the interest of time, we reserve the right to auction items in "lots."

Some items can be seen in the display case in the front entrance area of the Hamilton-Williams Campus Center. Sealed bids can be submitted to the Community Service Learning Office (HWCC 407) until Feb. 26.

(Please include your name, address, and phone number on the bid, and put the auction item code number on the outside of the sealed envelope.) The Auction Inventory list will be updated periodically, so check back often! Questions regarding the Auction can be directed to 740-368-3084.

Name: Matrushka Doll

Description: Russian Presidents wooden dolls

Code: JC1AU

Name: Matrushka Dolls

Description: Three small red wooden dolls

Code: JC2AU 

Name: Russian Box

Description: Wooden w/ cathedral on lid

Code: JC3AU

Name: Two Russian Eggs

Description: Wooden w/ churches engraved

Code: JC4AU 

Name: Two Russian Eggs (novelty items)

Description: Painted w/ George W. Bush's Face Code: JC5AU

Name: Russian Spoon

Description: Wooden w/ painted flower

Code: JC6AU 

Name: Souvenir Russian Magnets

Description: Six wooden vodka bottles

Code: JC8AU

Name: Matrushka Doll

Description: Medium, pastel painted

Code: JC9AU

Name: Elephant Tapestry/Block Print

Description: Lavender blue - from Zimbabwe

Code: ER1AU

Name: Decorative Wood Wall Hanging

Description: Blue star w/ ornaments for different holidays

Code: ER2AU 

Name: Wedgewood Plate (blue)

Description: Jasper 6 fluted plate

Code: ER6AU

Name: Feng Shui Kit 

Description: Book and Compass describing Feng Shui - new boxed kit

Code: ER7AU

Name: Red Foldable Chair

Description: Red cloth w/ its own storage sack

Code: ER8AU

Name: Handmade Decorative Hanging Mobile Description: Beaded floral w/ bells

Code: LN1AU

Name: Necklace

Description: Turquoise nuggets w/ turquoise donut pendant

Code: SP1AU

Name: Winter Cap

Description: Hand-knitted, blue and grey

Code: AD1AU

Name: Monopoly Game - still in wrapper Description: Los Angeles Edition

Code: TF1AU

Name: Shakespearean Swear Box

Description: Unique refrigerator magnet words from the works of Shakespeare

Code: UL2AU

Name: Silver Spoon

Description: Small shell on handle

Code: UL3AU

Name: Cambridge Tea Towel

Description: Souvenir from England

Code: UL4AU

Name: Japanese Print Cloth

Description: Block print of OWU

Code: UL5AU

Name: Two Frames from Corner Framing & Gallery

Description: Black Metal - (Approx. 13" x 17")

Code: CF1AU

Name: Gift Certificate from Rabbit Quick, Inc. Description: $20 of merchandise or services

Code: RQ1AU 

Name: "Night Watchman's Chair"

Description: Hand-carved wooden chair from the Congo

Code: GBV1AU

Name: Black Wrought Iron Candle Holder Description: made in India

Code: GBV3AU

Name: Pair of Candlesticks - Brass

Description: 6" verdigris from India

Code: GBV6AU

Name: Pair of Vases

Description: Black and silver from India

Code: GBV7AU

Name: Two Small Rectangular Metal Trays Description: Silver metal - made in Mexico

Code: GBV8AU

Name: Copper Vase

Description: Hammered - made in Nepal

Code: GBV9AU

Name: Rectangular Basket

Description: Rattan, bamboo, and wood made in the Philippines

Code: GBV19AU

Name: Round Basket

Description: Woven grasses w/ star motif made in Honduras

Code: GBV20AU

Name: Jewelry Lot - items too numerous to describe
Description: Necklaces, rings, bracelets, & earrings from the Global Village Collection

Code: GBV21AU

Name: Pottery Pitcher / Vase

Description: Handmade - gray

Code: LC1AU

Name: Crocheted Bag w/ Drawstring

Description: Maroon & gray with black design handmade in Ecuador

Code: LC2AU

Name: Certificate for Five Hours of Babysitting Description: By Kaitlin Manry

Code: KM1AU

Name: Estee Lauder Umbrella

Description: Large stripes & stars (red, white, & blue)

Code: SSL1AU 

Name: Bath & Body Works Foot Care Products Description: Four items in metal box from Global Village

Code: SSL2AU 

Name: Dinette Set

Description: Four pink upholstered chairs and glass inlay table

Code: CL1AU 

Name: "Navajo Fair"

Description: Art Print by DeGrazia, 36" x 20"

Code: AF1AU

Name: Small Stained Glass Panel

Description: Handmade by Scott Gabriel

Code: SG1AU

Name: Baldwin "Elegant Egg" Ornament Description: Brass filigree plated in 24k gold

Code: CC1AU 

Name: Small Folk Art Tray Table

Description: Black, Red, and Cream designs

Code: UD1AU

Name: Jazzercise Certificate

Description: Three months free for a new student Code: JSM1AU

Name: One-Hour Flight in Cessna Sky Hawk Description: 1-2 people w/ pilot, Dan Wiebe

Code: DW1AU

Name: Set of 4 Wine Glasses

Description: Unique stained-glass design

Code: RW1AU 

Name: Hand-Covered Notebook

Description: Small journal w/ blank pages

Code: UL6AU

Name: Gourmet French Jams - sample sized Description: No sugar added

Code: UL7AU

Name: Shawl from India

Description: Green Kashmiri w/ silver metallic threads

Code: RN3AU

Name: Shawl from India

Description: Blue, woven w/ purple threads

Code: RN4AU

Name: Vintage Quilt Top

Description: Grandma's Flower Garden - predominantly shades of peach and orange

Code: DM1AU

Name: Winterfest

Description: Limited edition framed folk art print by Maria Pfropper - signed and numbered

Code: DM2AU

Name: Pig Overboard

Description: Limited edition framed folk art print by Maria Pfropper - signed and numbered

Code: DM3AU

Name: Vintage Quilt Top

Description: Grandma's Flower Garden - multi-colored w/ blues and pinks

Code: DM4AU

Name: Linen Dresser Scarf Set

Description: Three-piece, floral print

Code: DM5AU

Name: Framed Lighthouse Prints

Description: Set of two

Code: DM13AU

Name: Matted Folk Art Print

Description: Horse and wagon w/ homestead

Code: DM4AU

Name: Antique Serving Tray

Description: Black wicker w/ painted black fabric under glass

Code: DM16AU

Name: Framed Victorian (Style) PictureDescription: Grandfather and Granddaughter in a rose garden

Code: DM18AU

Name: Framed Print

Description: Royal stag with trees

Code: DM19AU

Name: Framed Picture

Description: Lithograph of boats

Code: DM20AU

Name: Framed Oil Painting

Description: Evening paper by Lardis Everson, from the collection of Vincent Price

Code: DM22AU

Name: Picnic Basket with Cutlery

Description: Wicker basket with two handles Code: DM26AU

Name: Change of Heart framed artwork

Description: embossed paper with pink background - by Mary Rultarden

Code: DM28AU

Name: Photo by Cubberly's

Description: One sitting and 8x10 classic portrait

Code: CS1AU

Name: The Hair Studio

Description: One-hour facial - beauty treatment

Code: HS1AU

Name:HolHealth Connections

Description: Full-body Swedish massage

Code: HHC1AU

Name: Medium Basket with Handle

Description: black rattan from Indonesia

Code: GBV10AU

Name: Large Basket with Handle

Description: Bamboo from the Philippines

Code: GBV11AU

Name: Woven Jute Area Rug

Description: 5' x 3' Mustard/Cream from India Code: GBV12AU

Name: Cayones Ceramic Plate

Description: Terra cotta with hand-painted designs from Amazonian South America

Code: GBV13AU

Name: Pair of Brass Candlesticks

Description: 10" verdigris from India

Code: GBV14AU

Name: Wire Serving Tray

Description: Ornate open metal work with 2 handles made in the Philippines

Code: GBV15AU

Name: Brass Incense Box

Description: Very ornate - tall and slender from Nepal

Code: GBV16AU

Name: Wrought Iron Magazine Rack Description: Black

Code: GBV17AU

Name: Small Brass Box

Description: ornate with frame area in lid from Nepal Code: GBV18AU

Name: Granny Square Afghan

Description: Multi-colored 4' x 6' (approx.) handmade by Peggy Hays

Code: PH1AU

Name: Afghan - Broomstick Lace variation Description: Soft white - crocheted by Peggy Hays Code: PH2AU 

Name: Afghan - Broomstick Lace variation Description: Dusty rose - crocheted by Peggy Hays Code: PH3AU 

Name: Straw Hat Bunny Wall Hanging

Description: Handmade by Peggy Hays

Code: PH4AU 

Name: Certificate for a Half-Hour Performance Description: By the Owtsiders acapella vocal group Code: MK1AU

Name: Certificate for Six Hours of Babysitting Description: By Emily Walz

Code: EW1AU 

Name: Certificate for a Baked Item

Description: Made by Kelly Gerberich (specializing in chocolate items)

Code: KG1AU 

Name: Candlelight Spaghetti Dinner for Four Description: Prepared by Carrie Lippert

Code: CL2AU 

Name: Three Private Bagpipe Lessons

Description: Lessons given by Erik McLaughlin

Code: CL3AU 

Name: Deluxe Laundry Bag

Description: Blue canvas w/ drawstrings, toggles, zipper, shoulder straps, and outside pocket

Code: EB1AU

Name: Handmade Baby Doll

Description: Porcelain head & hands, dressed in white gown - collectible

Code: EB2AU 

Name: Merino Wool Cape

Description: Black w/ scarf & fur trim

Code: EB3AU

Name: Box of 69 Cassette Tapes & 2 CDs Description: Eclectic mix of music

Code: EB4AU

Name: "Apple Furniture" Folding Bookcase Description: Natural wood w/ 3 shelves - approx. 37" high x 27" wide

Code: AH1AU 

Name: Pampered Chef Chillzanne Platter Description: Iceless cold platter w/ dome lid

Code: RW2AU