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'Orchesis 2003' Offers Diverse Dances by Student, Faculty, Guest Artists

December 2, 2002

[ 'Orchesis 2003' Publicity Photo ] DELAWARE, OHIO -- The Ohio Wesleyan University Department of Theatre and Dance proudly presents Orchesis 2003 to be performed on Saturday, Dec. 7, at 8 p.m., and Sunday, Dec. 8, at 2 p.m. in Chappelear Drama Center. Natalie Marrone is the artist director of the show and welcomes guest artist Rosalind Pierson.

Configurations, choreographed by Pierson, is a dance about shapes and objects, atmospheres and personae shapes might evoke -- mobiles, for example, or springs flying out of cans, or even a good fairy. The music, Benjamin Britten's Lachrymae is a theme, yet it is a variation with a unique twist; the theme concludes the work rather than opening it. The work was created first for the Mount Holy Concert Dance Group in South Hadley Massachusetts in 1975 and then restaged for The Ohio State University Dance Company in 1977 and 1985. Ohio Wesleyan University is proud to welcome to their stage this dance in 2002. Pierson, a 2002 recipient of an Individual Artists Fellowship from the Ohio Arts Council, is also an Associate Professor of Dance at Ohio State.

Orchesis 2003 also features five student-choreographed pieces and a dance choreographed by Marrone.

... Memories, Just Dreams is a dance choreographed by Noah Jay-Bonn that is an exploration of the connection between dreams and memories, and how the brain differentiates between the two. He wants his dance to ask "What makes a memory a memory and a dream not a dream?"

After Dark, a piece that is choreographed by Angela Joren and Emily Lawrence with artistic help from Natalie Marrone, is a piece that portrays two women of the Jazz Age. The dance expresses a relationship between the two that is both apathetic and dependent. They seem to exist in the same time and space, and yet never quite meet.

Another Victim, choreographed by Sara Meyers, is a dance that is a reflection of the impact of hate crimes in America. All of the movements within the dance were derived from emotions felt from the issue of hate. Sadness, frustration and anger are just a few of the emotions projected through the dancers' movements. The piece is a comment on the sad acceptance of reality of hate.

Surrounded, choreographed by JoAnna Slobodnjak, is a dance that depicts the struggle of individuals, who must find the strength to overcome the hardships in life. It also portrays the fear of the unknown.

Unbroken Soul, a piece by Kevia Curry, is a dance that represents a woman struggling to regain self-control and the supreme energy of her mind. Throughout the dance, the woman releases false ideas and beliefs that constantly pull her down, while searching for her independence and her spirit.

Let Us All Go Back, choreographed by Natalie Marrone, is a dance for nine women, which celebrates women in community. To the gospel-like sounds of Sweet Honey in the Rock, the dancers work through a choreographic accumulation and several dynamic movement phrases done in complex cannons in order to eventually find unison as a group. It is through this process of finding unity that the true joy of the dance is revealed. Let Us All Go Back reminds us to work together as women, as we once did, to raise our children, feed our families, and celebrate the spirit of each individual in the group.

Orchesis 2003 will be performed on Saturday, Dec. 7, at 8 p.m. and Sunday, Dec. 8, at 2 p.m. at Chappelear Drama Center. Tickets cost $7 for the general public, $6 for faculty and staff, and $5 for students and seniors. Reservations may be made and tickets may be purchased through the Chappelear Box Office at 740-368-3855.