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Kabul University's Payind Talks on Past, Future of Afghanistan

April 19, 2002

[ Dr. Alam M. Payind Photo ] DELAWARE, OHIO -- "Afghanistan: A Multiethnic Country With a Tortured Past and Uncertain Future" is the title of this year's Butler A. Jones Lecture Series on Race and Society at Ohio Wesleyan University. Dr. Alam M. Payind, Professor at Kabul University in Afghanistan, will present the lecture on Monday, April 22 in the R.W. Corns Building, room 312, at 7:30 p.m. The lecture is sponsored by Minority Student Affairs, Office of the Provost and the department of sociology and anthropology.

Payind was raised in Afghanistan and Pakistan and received all three of his graduate degrees in the United States. He worked as a tenured government employee in Afghanistan, and in 1986, after seven years of Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, he decided to seek permanent positions at American universities.

Payind specializes in comparative foreign policy, Middle Eastern and South Asian politics, international education and cultural exchange. He has served as an adjunct professor at Ohio State University since 1985 and as the Director of the OSU Middle East Studies Center since 1987. Payind has earned several scholarships and honors at OSU, including the Outstanding Teaching Award by the Committee of Arts and Sciences Student Council and the International Outstanding Staff Award for contributions to international study and research.

Payind is currently in the process of publishing a book called Major Powers and Muslim Countries: The Dilemma of Understanding Indigenous Dynamics. He has written numerous publications, such as "Afghanistan's Relations with Iran, Pakistan and Central Asian Countries," a chapter in the upcoming book Iran and The Emerging Global Order and "Evolving Alternative Views on the Future of Afghanistan: An Afghan Perspective," which appears in Asian Survey, 1993. Payind's many papers published and which have been presented to several universities around the country, including "Ideological Foundation of Jihad in Islam and the Current Resistance in Afghanistan" and "Soviet Foreign Policy and the Invasion of Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Afghanistan: Ideology and Opportunism," among many others.

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