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OWU Celebrates Progress of Science Center Renovation

January 24, 2002

[ Science Center Group Photo ] DELAWARE, OHIO -- Members of the Ohio Wesleyan University community, alumni and friends will gather on Friday, Jan. 25 at 3 p.m. at Stewart Hall for a Science Center Celebration to mark the Center's progress. Located east of Sandusky Street in Delaware, the Science Center project will physically connect and extensively renovate two 30-plus-year-old science buildings -- Bigelow-Rice and Stewart Halls -- and add much-needed space for science students and professors. A new enclosed multi-level atrium will be a focal point of the Center. Friday's celebration will feature the infilling of the new greenhouse foundation, located on the south side of Stewart Hall.

OWU President Tom Courtice, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees Doug Dittrick, Physics/Astronomy Professor Barbara Andereck, and science student George Watson will make brief comments to support the importance and progress of this project in terms of meeting the needs of one of the university's strongest academic programs.

"We are on schedule to complete the greenhouse in May and the 50,000-square-foot building addition in January," said Chris Setzer, OWU's Director of the Physical Plant. He explained that the Stewart Hall and Bigelow-Rice renovation will be completed by or before the early part of 2004.