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Former U.S. Senator Paul Simon Talks About World Water Crisis for SNC

October 31, 2003

[ Paul Simon Photo ] DELAWARE, OHIO -- Paul Simon, former Senator of Illinois and current director of the Public Policy Institute at Southern Illinois University, will lecture as part of the Sagan National Colloquium public affairs series at Ohio Wesleyan University on Tuesday, Nov. 4, at 7:30 p.m. in OWU's Hamilton-Williams Campus Center Benes Room. Simon will address "The World's Water Crisis and the Impact on Agriculture," which relates to this year's Colloquium theme on "Food: A Harvest of History, Culture, Politics, and Science."

At Southern Illinois University, Simon serves as the first holder of the Paul Simon Endowed Chair in Public Policy and teaches courses in political science, journalism, and history. As the founder and director of the Public Policy Institute, Simon leads the effort to provide objective and earnest assessments of public policy and their implications for government leaders, journalists, and society at large. His particular public policy concerns are education, the media, world hunger, employment, the environment, and foreign affairs.

During his 40 years in politics, Simon, a Democrat, was elected to both the state's house and the senate, and served a term as the lieutenant governor. As a public official, Simon was known for his exceptional constituent service, handling more cases each year than almost any other Senate office. His many honors include more than 50 honorary degrees.

The author of more than 20 books, Simon issues a call-to-arms in his Tapped Out: The Coming World Crisis in Water and What We Can Do About It (1998). In his most recent book, Healing America: Values and Vision for the 21st Century (2003), Simon shows how a renewal of essential American values combined with vision and sacrifice can bring stability, peace, and harmony to the world.

The Sagan National Colloquium is in its 18th year at Ohio Wesleyan. All lectures are free and open to the public. More information is available at snc.owu.edu or 740-368-3995.