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Ohio Wesleyan Hosting Faculty Workshop on East Asian Studies

September 17, 2004

[ East Asian Studies ] DELAWARE, OHIO -- Sharing information on East Asian culture is the goal of a faculty workshop "Environment, Culture, and Development in East Asia" being held at Ohio Wesleyan University on Oct. 14-16.

Workshop sponsors include Ohio Wesleyan University, Japan Study, and the Asian Studies Development Program as a joint venture between the East-West Center and the University of Hawaii. Additional funding is being provided by a Freeman Foundation grant.

"The goal of the Asian Studies Development Program is to enhance the inclusion of knowledge of East Asia into undergraduate curricula," says workshop host and facilitator and director of the East Asian Studies program at Ohio Wesleyan University Jim Peoples. "They want information that can be disseminated to the students this semester or next, not new courses, but rather ideas and general information."

Peoples decided to develop this workshop after attending another Asian Studies Development Program workshop and created the theme. "'Environment, Culture, and Development in East Asia' will take a look at the rapid development of industry in Eastern Asia and its effects on the natural environment. The focus on harmony that exists in East Asian nations—Korea, China and Japan—culture and religion might suggest that they would be more careful about the impact of their actions on the natural environment than the West was. However that does not seem to have been the case."

Speakers include Ohio State University's Thomas Kasulis, Hamilton College's Steve Goldberg, Elizabeth Economy of the Council on Foreign Relations, author Alex Kerr, Ting-wei Zhang of the University of Illinois at Chicago, and University of Hawaii's Karl Kim. Kasulis will provide the keynote address "Being Responsible, Being Responsive, Being Smart: Cultural Approaches to the Environment."

For more information, contact East Asian Studies director Jim Peoples at jgpeople@owu.edu.