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OWU Set to Welcome Class of 2009

July 22, 2005

DELAWARE, OHIO -- Receiving a record number of 3,000 applications this year from a strong pool of prospective students, Ohio Wesleyan's Vice President of Admission and Financial Aid, Margaret Drugovich, and the OWU community are planning to welcome a class of 567 first-time freshmen to campus in August.

"These students will add significantly to the talent of our current OWU student body," says Drugovich, adding that for the first time in many recent admission cycles, we turned away admitted students who had submitted enrollment deposits after OWU's May 1 deadline.

"While we know this is disappointing to those students, it is one more indicator that students and their families have come to a full appreciation of this [OWU] quality educational experience," she says.

In addition to the 567 U.S. freshmen, there will be 31 students transferring from other institutions as well as 54 international students who have said they will be at OWU this fall.

"The entering class appears to be very spirited and eager to join the OWU community," says Carol DelPropost, OWU's Director of Admission. "Along with their enthusiasm, members of the Class of 2009 bring a wonderful array of talents and experiences that will enrich our fine living and learning environment. In my interactions with many of these young people, I've been impressed with their academic drive as well as their passion for community service and other activities."

OWU's new crop of students includes 30 percent who were in the top10 percent of their high school classes and 51 percent who qualified for some type of merit award in either academics or the arts. These students come from a diverse set of geographic and cultural circumstances– from 33 states and 23 countries of the world. That said, the university's total enrollment picture is comprised of students representing 43 states and 40 countries, with nine percent U.S. multicultural and eight percent international students in the mix. And, as Drugovich adds, 52 percent of our students are from Ohio.

"As I coordinated campus visits for these students, I noticed their diversity of interests," says Hilary Lowbridge, Assistant Director of Admission and visit coordinator. "These students are passionate about a lot of things and they will bring interests and expertise that will benefit OWU across the board." And that is a "win-win" situation that faculty members especially like.

"Faculty members at OWU strongly endorse the teacher/scholar model," says Professor David Robbins, Interim Provost at OWU. "The tools for their success are the young and formative minds of our students. While professors are committed to providing education to all, they are especially eager to engage those students who likewise embrace the importance of discovery and learning as vital parts of their lives."