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Codispoti to Identify What You Just Ate at FIT OWU Brown Bag

February 8, 2005

Delaware, Ohio -- Connie Codispoti, public health dietitian for the Delaware County Health Department, will present "What Did I Just Eat" during the fifth FIT OWU Brown Bag Chat on Feb. 16 at 11 a.m. and noon in Ohio Wesleyan University's Hamilton-Williams Campus Center Benes Room B. The event is free and open to the public.
"What Did I Just Eat" will focus on the general issues faced when selecting meal options and top health concerns facing public health agencies.
"Our biggest concern right now is the adult and childhood obesity rates," says Codispoti, a registered dietitian in the state of Ohio. "When people see the numbers on the news they tend to think they are being hyped up ­ but they are real and a major concern."
Codispoti is more concerned with teaching people to adopt a healthier lifestyle than getting them to lose weight.
She holds the fat hidden in fast food up as an example, "I want to help educate about the amount of fat hidden in the small portions. For example, you could eat one sandwich and one fry and not feel like you have overeaten. And from a physical standpoint, you haven't, but relative to health, you have just eaten two days worth of fat. I am hoping to provide resources and information on the food we eat to help people make informed decisions."
However, Codispoti understands the role that fast food and prepared food has in American society. "The key is to make more informed decisions and maybe limit yourself to that sandwich you crave once a month instead of every trip. It is a tradeoff; it isn't practical to think we are all going to eat 'rabbit food' every day."
For those craving more information on this topic, Codispoti will present a second presentation "Eating to Prevent Disease" on March 22 as the final FIT OWU Brown Bag Chat. The March 22, presentation will focus on certain medical ailments and how they can be controlled or prevented through dietary choices.