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FIT OWU Brings 'Super Size Me' to Delaware's Strand Theater

February 2, 2005

'Super Size Me', a 2004 Academy Award nominee for best documentary, will be showing at the Strand Theatre as part of Ohio Wesleyan's FIT OWU program. The film will show on February 9 and 10 at 7:30 p.m. and tickets are $1.
'Super Size Me' received accolades throughout 2004 earning the New York Online Film Critics Award for best documentary, Writers Guild of America Screen Play Award nominee, and winner of the International Press Academy Satellite Award for best documentary.
The indie film is a response to the debate over who is responsible for personal eating habits ­ the person or the industry. Morgan Spurlock investigates multiple sides of the issue ­ advertising, food industry's quest for cheap food, and the increase of technology that has led to a decrease in human activity. To find out how bad the situation could be, Spurlock went on a McDonald's only diet of three meals a day for 30 days and limited his physical activity to that of the average U.S. adult. He had his health monitored weekly for any health changes.
"Critics of the movie call it more of a docudrama ­ suggesting he went over the top with his demonstration," says Ohio Wesleyan Professor of Physical Education Nancy Knop. "But he does bring up a lot of issues about fast food in our society. Due to that we thought it was a relevant movie and an entertaining way to get people thinking and talking about their eating choices."
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