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Ohio Wesleyan University to Assist Central Ohio Students Affected by Katrina

September 5, 2005

DELAWARE, OHIO -- Ohio Wesleyan University will open its doors this semester to assist students from central Ohio whose studies have been disrupted by Hurricane Katrina.

"We will make every effort to find space in our classrooms for Qualified Ohio-based students who have been unable to return to Tulane, Dillard, Loyola University of New Orleans and other institutions in the area devastated by the hurricane," said Ohio Wesleyan President Mark Huddleston.

"Our aim is to help students from affected areas continue their studies and prepare to return to their home institutions as soon as they are able to open."

Ohio Wesleyan is focusing on students from central Ohio who are in commuting range of the Delaware-based institution because residence halls are at capacity. Because Ohio Wesleyan’s classes are already underway, Huddleston said that interested students should contact Assistant Vice President for Admission and Financial Aid Carol DelPropost at 740-368-3059 as soon as possible, by Thursday, September 8 at the latest. Ms. DelPropost will expedite a review of qualifications and coordinate finding space in appropriate classes.

Members of the OWU community are planning several relief projects to help those affected by the hurricane, including several luncheon fundraisers, a Unity Through Music concert, door-to-door [money] collection in the residence halls, and plans to schedule a spring Habitat for Humanity work project in the affected areas.