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OWU Faculty and Staff Jailed This Week in Summer Mission Trip Fundraiser

March 28, 2005

DELAWARE, OHIO -- Various faculty and staff members at Ohio Wesleyan University will be jailed this week.
Beginning Tue., March 29, students will arrest various faculty and staff members, and jail them either in the Hamilton-Williams Campus Center or on the Jaywalk, which runs through the middle of campus. The arrests will be made as a fundraiser to send OWU students on a mission trip to South Africa this May.
Bail for those who are arrested will be set at $100, but students can contribute money to raise the bail of their favorite professor or staff member. "We thought this would be a fun way to raise money and awareness, and it is also a great way to get students involved," said Terry Schultz, an OWU senior who will make the trip to South Africa.
The group of OWU students will visit South Africa for two weeks. During their stay, students will work in an AIDS clinic, and live and work in an orphanage. "On the weekends we'll have more free time, and we'll visit museums relating to apartheid," Schultz said. "We'll be able to learn more about the progress that's been made in South Africa."
The mission trip to South Africa is sponsored through OWU Mission Week and the Chaplain's Office. For details about the trip, or how you can help, please call (740)-368-3082.