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Stanford Professor Discusses Nuclear Proliferation

October 31, 2005

DELAWARE, OHIO - Stanford University's political science professor, Scott D. Sagan, will present his lecture, "The U.S., the Muslim World, and the Perils of Nuclear Proliferation," for the Sagan National Colloquium, co-sponsored by the International Studies Program, on Thursday, November 3, at 7:30 p.m. in the Hamilton-Williams Campus Center's Benes room (40 Rowland Avenue). Sagan will discuss nuclear proliferation, specifically in the Islamic world, and its global consequences.

Sagan, who is also the co-director of the Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC), served from 1985-1986 as a consultant for the Strategic Nuclear Policy Branch, a part of the Nuclear Chemical Division at the Stanford Institute for International Studies. Sagan will pose these questions, "What are the consequences of the spread of nuclear weapons to new states in the Islamic world? Do they pose new and disturbing threats to international security?"

Sagan is also an author of several books, including, Civil Military Relations and Nuclear Weapons and The Limits of Safety: Organizations, Accidents, and Nuclear Weapons (Winner of the 1993/1994 Best Book Award from the Science, Technology, and Environmental Studies Section of the American Political Science Association). He is a member of the Distinguished Advisory Panel for Non-Proliferation and Arms Control for the Sandia National Laboratory.

The Sagan National Colloquium at Ohio Wesleyan is celebrating its 20th anniversary. This year's theme is "The United States and the Islamic World: Challenges and Prospects." All lectures are free of charge and open to the public. For more information visit http://snc.owu.edu or call 740-803-3995.