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OWU Hosts Ohio Canadian Studies Roundtable on March 31

March 17, 2006

DELAWARE, OHIO—For the second year, Ohio Wesleyan University is hosting the Fourteenth Annual Ohio Canadian Studies Roundtable on Friday, March 31. The event is being coordinated by Patricio Plazolles, program officer of the Woltemade Center for Economics, Business and Entrepreneurship and keynote speaker and OWU accounting professor, Cliff Cook.The roundtable, as Mark Kasoff, economics professor and director of Canadian Studies at Bowling Green University explains, is designed to "create an informal venue for Canadianists from across Ohio to share information on teaching, researching and studying Canada." Participation numbers at past roundtables have ranged anywhere from 25 to 70, with invitations being extended to colleges and universities in Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia and Canada.Following the welcoming session, several roundtable guests will talk about the topic of academic support for faculty and students. Those guests include Dennis Moore, Consulate General of Canada Detroit; Tim Rogus, Quebec Delegation, Chicago; James Baker, Western Kentucky University for Canadian Parliamentary Internship Program; and Rebecca Mancuso, from A Best Practice for Teaching Canada. The keynote address on "Canadian Trade Policy and Latin American Reality," will then be presented by Cook, followed by several afternoon breakout sessions. Plazolles will lead a discussion on social policy in Latin American countries."Academically, the roundtable offers a venue for sharing ideas and research, as well as for healthy debate on some issues," says Cook. "From a Canadian government perspective, the program is a way to explore Canadianist issues with the general public."Considering the fact that trade between Ohio and Canadian companies numbers about $40 billion annually, these issues are relevant to a wide population."Approximately five to six thousand people are employed by Canadian companies in Ohio, although you wouldn't know that by their names," says Cook.Both Cook and Plazolles agree that the intent of the roundtable is to provoke interest and thoughts on globalization as well as an interest in Canada.

"The fact that the United State and Canada have the world's largest trade agreement is important," says Cook. "In that regard, people don't pay enough attention to Canada or to Latin American countries."