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Mark Shipps Named Vice President at OWU

March 10, 2006

DELAWARE,OHIO—Strong family connections to Ohio Wesleyan University, along with proven business and entrepreneurial savvy, comprise a rare blend of institutional care, knowledge, and expertise personified by OWU's newly-announced Vice President of University Relations, Mark Hubbart Shipps.Shipps, a 1970 graduate of Ohio Wesleyan and member of the Board of Trustees, begins his new post on July 1, before which, he plans to resign from the Board. He will oversee the development and alumni relations efforts of the University and be at the helm of fund raising and capital campaign planning and execution. "Mark knows how to manage complex organizations and how to raise funds," says OWU President Mark Huddleston. "As a lead volunteer for our 'Raise the Roof' and 'Remembering Mr. Rickey' campaigns, he demonstrates a deep appreciation for the dynamics of development work—from cultivating and identifying prospective donors, to building staff-driven volunteer networks, to connecting immediately with so many of our alumni." Shipps is president and one of the founding members of the American Environmental Group, Ltd. (AEGL),in Brecksville, Ohio. He has nearly 30 years of industry experience in solid waste and hazardous waste engineering, remediation, and construction. Prior to his work with AEGL, Shipps was president of Organic Waste Technologies, Inc. (OWT), a subsidiary of the IT Group, and was vice-president of the EMCON/OWT Solid Waste Division of the IT Group. Shipps' career includes extensive experience in general management, including project development, projects and contract management, technical services and operations management, consulting, and profit center management. "As I've been thinking about this new opportunity during the past two months, I realized that this is really a calling in life for me," says Shipps. "This is not just another business opportunity to me—it is an emotional, 'from the heart' experience and the best thing I could have decided to do." That sentiment is similarly echoed by two fellow Board members."Mark is the third generation of the Shipps family to undertake a major involvement with Ohio Wesleyan," says Evan Corns '59. "He will bring passion, competence, and affectionate toil to his new endeavor, and I am thrilled to saddle up with him as we embark on the many challenges ahead. We could not have picked a better leader."Board Chairperson, Phil Meek '59 adds, "Ohio Wesleyan is indeed fortunate that Mark has assumed the vice presidential duties, and at a personal financial sacrifice. We should all keep that in mind when we consider how much support each of us can provide to our University which needs and deserves it so. Mark's grandfather, Herman Shipps, virtually invented the concept of University Relations at OWU; his father, Frazier, nurtured it as a trustee and life trustee for decades; and Mark himself has been incredibly active in a variety of ways, including chairing the current 'Remembering Mr. Rickey' campaign."As Huddleston point out, "I doubt there is anyone in America who loves this institution more or who knows it and its alumni better." It is a kind of familiarity that will allow Shipps to immerse himself immediately into the numerous needs of the University."A major problem with turnover rates in the development arena is always that there is a tremendous amount of start-up time with a new person, and it takes repeated contacts to forge relationships as well as months if not years to really know an institution," says psychology professor Kim Dolgin. "With Mark Shipps, we sidestep all that. Mark knows and loves this place and his passion about and commitment to OWU are unquestionable."As Mark Shipps discusses and works out the final relocation details (he plans to reside in Delaware County), with his wife Ginny '70, his business partners and family members—children, siblings and father, all OWU alumni—he is excited about joining the OWU community, this time, as an academic administrator."I've had experience leading high-performance teams, and I think we have a great group of players," he says. He sees himself as a facilitator who looks forward to bringing his energy and enthusiasm to OWU's stewardship and alumni relations areas as well as within the Delaware community with which he is familiar.

"There has been an inherent synergy through the years at this place we call Ohio Wesleyan University," says Shipps. "We have seen it and experienced it as faculty and staff members, students and alumni, and as we continue rolling in one direction with our institutional vision before us, that synergy will strengthen."